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Clive's European Adventure  Released in August 2022

Clive's European Adventure is the second in the 'Clive The Corvette' series of children's books, aimed at 1 to 5 year olds. 

A fully illustrated, 30 page book for younger children. Based on the continuing, real-life adventures of the authors Corvette C6. With Clive having crossed the Atlantic and docked in England he got to grips with driving on the right, before swapping back to the left on the continent. Clive loved watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans, driving the Nurburgring and Hockenheim in Germany, feeling the heat of Spain as well as snow in the mountains, before heading back to the UK to live his dream of racing. 

All the cartoon-style pictures used were taken from photos we took on this road trip, including other cars, creatures and places found along the way. There are eighteen different animals, creatures and birds within the book, can you find them all? Some are easy, others are quite hidden.

To follow the true story of Clive you can read the up-to-date blog I write on the Pistonheads forum (note, external content, not aimed at children). 

Clive's European Adventure is available to buy now, through the National Corvette Museum and various Amazon websites worldwide.

Look for more, as yet unseen photos that will be released on Clive's Facebook page and Instagram. Please like and follow Clive now. 

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