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Clive Drives To Africa NEW for March 2024

Clive Drives To Africa is the third in the 'Clive The Corvette' series of children's books, aimed at 1 to 5 year olds. 


Clive The Corvette set out on his third adventure, this time to North Africa and the Sahara Desert. Missing the warmth of California, Clive sets off to look for warmer weather and it doesn't get much hotter than the desert. He gets stuck, firstly on a ferry and then in the sand, needing the help of a Camel to pull him out.

Inspired by photos and unforgettable experiences from driving the real Clive The Corvette through Spain and Morocco, in December 2022, children will love the colourful cartoon pictures and animals.

To follow the true story of Clive you can read the up-to-date blog I write on the Pistonheads forum (note, external content, not aimed at children). 

Clive takes on his biggest adventure yet, in summer 2024. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel, to follow the adventure as it happens:

Clive Drives To Africa is available to buy now, through the National Corvette Museum and various Amazon websites worldwide.

Look for more, as yet unseen photos that will be released on Clive's Facebook page and Instagram. Please like and follow Clive now. 

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